Welcome to my personal homepage! I am Professor for Methods of Comparative Political Research at the Cologne Center for Comparative Politics at the University of Cologne. My research interests are social science methods with an emphasis on case studies, Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA), and multimethod research. Substantively, I work on political parties.

Rohlfing – cv – 18-11


Course on Advanced Multi-Method Research
I am offering a 5-day course on Advanced Multi-Method Research at the ECPR Summer School on Methods and Techniques 2019 in Bamberg. It runs from February 25 to March 1. Registration runs until December 17.

Forthcoming article
The article “Check your truth conditions! Clarifying the relationship between theories of causation and social science methods for causal inference”, co-authored with Christina Zuber, is forthcoming with Sociological Methods & Research.  The accepted preprint can be accessed on my publications webpage. Here is the replication material.

Working paper on the relationship between crisp ses, fuzzy sets and consistency in Qualitative Comparative Analysis
I have written a working paper on the relationship between the choice of crisp and fuzzy sets and the consequences for finding a consistent set relation. Contrary to a commonly held view (I think it is a commonly held view), fuzzy sets do not necessarily make it less likely to find a consistent set relation.