Welcome to my personal homepage! I am Professor for Methods of Comparative Political Research at the Cologne Center for Comparative Politics at the University of Cologne. My research interests are social science methods with an emphasis on causal inference and qualitative and multimethod research. Substantively, I work on political parties and party politics.

Rohlfing – cv – 20-02


Course on QCA at ICPSR Summer Program, June 1-3
I am giving a course on Qualitative Comparative Analysis at the ICPSR Summer Program 2020. Please send me an email or DM on Twitter if you are interested in taking the course and have questions about it.

R package qcapower on Github
Holger Döring, Ayjeren Rozyjumayeva and I have released version 0.1.0 of the R package qcapower on Github.

Updated working paper “Are there really two cultures?”
David Kühn and I revised the paper a little bit and added a sensitivity test by coding 30 additional qualitative articles from different journals than the six main journals we had selected  before. Comments are welcome! [OSF repository]