Welcome to my personal homepage! I am Professor for Methods of Comparative Political Research at the Cologne Center for Comparative Politics at the University of Cologne. My research interests are social science methods with an emphasis on causal inference and qualitative and multimethod research. Substantively, I work on political parties and party politics.

Rohlfing – cv – 20-01


Published with Carsten Q- Schneider: “Set-theoretic Multimethod Research: The Role of Test Corridors and Conjunctions for Case Selection”
The paper, written by Carsten Q. Schneider and me, has been published by the Swiss Political Science Review. The accepted preprint and reproduction material are accessible here.

Working paper: “Ecological inference and ecological fallacy in QCA”
The tl;dr version: I show with an example and simulations that the ecological fallacy can also occur in QCA when one has to work with aggregated micro data. The paper and reproduction script are on OSF. Comments are welcome!