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The peer review process as a preregistration device

Some ideas about how the peer review process in academic publishing can be used as a device for preregistering parts of an empirical analysis. Continue reading

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The relevance of Political Science: Some thoughts on the recent critique

The charge that Political Science (or other non-STEM disciplines) is lacking relevance and does not produce interesting research is made then and again, with two new pieces published these days. One is written by a political economist, stating that most … Continue reading

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Two proposals for incentivizing data archiving

Recently, I came across an interesting study from 2009, the content of which is not relevant here. However, I was not convinced by some of the statistical analyses and decided to ask the authors whether they could share the data … Continue reading

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You may not like what Elsevier is doing, but…

Open access and gated publishing have been discussed at length by researchers, publishers, and the media. Still, the debate got more intense when Elsevier sent takedown notices to Yesterday, it got even more intense when it became public that … Continue reading

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Quality and quantity in publishing

At the end of last week, I came across a blog entry by Olaf Storbeck, reporting that a rising star from German business economics, Prof. Ulrich Lichtenthaler, is faced with numerous inquiries concerning his publishing record. Two journals have already … Continue reading

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