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The peer review process as a preregistration device

Some ideas about how the peer review process in academic publishing can be used as a device for preregistering parts of an empirical analysis. Continue reading

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Confirmation bias in causal qualitative research

The bi-annual publication of the APSA Section on Qualitative Methods and Multi-Method Research has a highly interesting and controversial symposium on confirmation bias in process tracing in its current issue. I have written a Twitter thread on the question of … Continue reading

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“Context” is important, but (almost) useless if used as a causal category

When making causal (or descriptive) inferences, it is important to think about the context within which the causal relationship is expected to hold because it probably does not hold universally and, possibly, only in a limited setting. Falleti and Lynch … Continue reading

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The relevance of Political Science: Some thoughts on the recent critique

The charge that Political Science (or other non-STEM disciplines) is lacking relevance and does not produce interesting research is made then and again, with two new pieces published these days. One is written by a political economist, stating that most … Continue reading

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Review of “Finding Pathways”, by Weller/Barnes

In Finding Pathways: Mixed-Method Research for Studying Causal Mechanisms, Weller and Barnes seek to explain “how the small-N component of multi-method research can meaningfully contribute and add value to the study of causal mechanisms” (quote from blurb). The book contains … Continue reading

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Surprised, anyone? Putting the debate about QCA into context

As is well known, QCA has been under intense scrutiny in recent years and subject to criticism (sometimes quite strong). I am not going to review studies on the validity of QCA that entail criticism; although it would be worthwhile … Continue reading

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Die Verfassung und der Mitgliederentscheid: Wo Sigmar Gabriel irrt

Bekanntermaßen wurde der SPD-Mitgliederentscheid von einigen Verfassungsrechtlern in Frage gestellt. Mittlerweile hat das Verfassungsgericht in seiner Ablehnung eines Eilantrags auch deutlich gemacht, dass der Entscheid verfassungsrechtlich nicht zu beanstanden ist. Sigmar Gabriel hat die Verfassungsfrage des Mitgliederentscheid forsch beiseite gewischt, … Continue reading

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Mit dem Quatsch aufhören (II): “Der Wähler” will die Große Koalition

Das Zögern und Zaudern der SPD vor, während und nach den Koalitionsverhandlungen wird gerne beiseite gewischt mit dem Hinweis, „der Wähler“ (und die Wählerin) wolle die große Koalition. „Der Wähler“ ist dabei aber genauso eine abstrakte Figur wie „der Markt“ … Continue reading

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