Multimethod Research
My work on multi-method research mostly deals with the integration of case studies and process tracing with regression analysis and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). Work in various stages of progress concerns the generalization of process-tracing insights in multimethod research (with David Kühn) and the formalized case selection in QCA and the linkage between QCA and mechanisms (with Carsten Q. Schneider).

Qualitative methods: Case studies, process tracing and QCA
The interest lies in causal analysis in case studies, process tracing and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) as three different types of qualitative methods (some might be more qualitative than others). On case studies and process tracing, questions I work on are how to make inferences with one or two cases and whether and how Bayesianism can inform qualitative inferences. Regarding QCA, I am also interested in matters of causal inference on a more philosophical level as well as on the level of design and method.

Party behavior and competition
The major goal is to explain the ideological change of parties over time and in a cross-sectional perspective. The set of determinants I am particularly interested are related to the organizational nature of parties.